Friday, January 07, 2005

More Random Notes

I was really dreading having to have that conversation with the Mullet about his personal hygiene. You know how bad I am with confrontation. Also, assertiveness. I have problems with both of those things. Oh! And speaking my mind. Also very difficult for me. The whole thing would have been very awkward, I'm sure.

Thank Jebus, the Mullet has left us to "seek other opportunities." We can all breath deeply now.

* * *

Big Bookstore now carries Southern Partisan magazine. I'd link to it, but they don't appear to have a website. Just as well. It would just piss you off. You may recall that an interview in Southern Partisan some years ago almost sank John Ashcroft's nomination. Unfortunately, in today's America, praising Jefferson Davis, and expressing admiration for a magazine that unabashedly yearns for the days of the Confederacy and has been called, in a feat of understatement, "crypto-racist", is insufficient cause to question a man's ability to be Attorney-General.

Screw this "crypto-racist" crap. I say we stop pussy-footing around and start carrying the hardcore neo-Nazi stuff. If a magazine isn't ready to come out and declare it's White Supremacist stance right up front then fuck 'em for the pussies that they are.*

* * *

I had a customer the other night who was straight out of an episode of "Cops." She had a bleached blond mullet (look! two mullet mentions in one post!), an inch of pancake makeup, skin-tight track suit, and a tank top that was pulled down so far in front that you could almost see her nipples. She might have been in her late 40s - or she may have just done some hard livin'. Difficult to say. Her skin had that leathery perma-tan one can only obtain from too many days riding "personal water craft" at some Redneck resort like Lake Anna. She had brought her son (also mulleted) to Big Bookstore because someone gave him a gift card for Christmas. He was disappointed to find out that we didn't have video games, and didn't think he'd be able to use his gift card. His mother pointed out that we had DVDs and CDs, and the day was saved. Apparently, the 150,000 book titles weren't even under consideration. I thought about telling him where the video game guides were, but I could feel the Ignorant People Cooties attempting to migrate towards me so I left them to their own devices.

Hey! I bet they would have bought Southern Partisan!

*For those of you who may not know, Disgruntled Bookseller is not white. She is sort of a racial tweener. Therefore, this paragraph is intended to be bitterly humorous. (™ standard sense-of-humor failure disclaimers)


Blogger Mediaeval One said...

Reading these random notes, I happened to scroll past the "What I'm Reading Now" section. I want my manuscript back.

1:05 PM  
Blogger ereshkigal said...

I have't updated "What I'm Reading Now" in months. I'm finishing your manuscript tonight. I swear!

5:52 PM  

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