Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Damn, This is Getting Old

Glenn Reynolds, also known as instapundit has also jumped on the all bookstore employees are flaming liberals who display books based on a political agenda bandwagon.

I don't understand the difficulty in comprehension these people display.

It's a goddamn election year with an incumbent running. As a result there are a lot of anti-Bush books out there. I would venture to say there are three or four times as many anti-Bush titles available right now as there are conservative books. So, OF COURSE THE DISPLAY WILL SEEM LOPSIDED.

Sorry for the yelling, but this really, really PISSES ME OFF.

When Clinton was up for reelection in 1996, the plethora of anti-Clinton books was overwhelming. Even in 2000, without an incumbent, there were plenty of conservative books that hit the shelves.

We don't write the books. We don't publish the books. We just sell the books. But the argument is that in selling the books we are giving an unfair amount of display space to the "liberal" books.

Let's do some basic, grammar-school level math, OK? If I have four "liberal" titles, and one "conservative" title, and my bookshelf holds five books, how much of the shelf will be occupied by conservative books? Please answer in fractions.

If you answered 1/5 of the bookshelf, then you win a prize.*

There is another problem with this misperception that bookstores are promoting anti-Bush books. What, exactly, constitutes an "anti-Bush" book? If Robert Reich writes a book called Reason: Why Liberals Will Win the Battle for America, is that an anti-Bush book? Is this? How about this book written by a conservative author? Is it anti-Bush too? In the Instapundit/littlegreenfootballs/freerepublic world, it appears that any book which questions the current direction of the country is, by definition, anti-Bush. And somehow, by extension, being anti-Bush in their world is also anti-American.

God, I'm tired.

Let me just close with a hearty FUCK YOU to Instapundit for flunking out of the School of Obviosity. As a result of your article, booksellers across the nation will now have to put up with another week of cranky, old white men taking copious and detailed notes on our displays, rearranging all of our displays to suit their beliefs, and verbally abusing us on the way out.

*There is no actual prize, you big losers.


Blogger Matt the Hat said...

I have a lot of friends that would say the problem you have is that your customers are Americans and therefore incapable of higher thought.

I have some very strange friends.

I can see where they get thier ideas from: US media exports paint a very poor picture of the average US IQ.

4:20 PM  
Blogger Ministry of Cats said...

Well, to be fair Americans in general do a good job of looking like their IQs are in the single digits. We are a culture obsessed with material success, and denigrate any other form of achievement. Sports figures and tycoons who pull in hundeds of millions of dollars a year are 'heros' while intellectuals are relegated to the status of the unclean (perhaps because they question the Way Things Are, and especially in this day & age, that is Unpatrioticâ„¢).

4:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

They're just following after the Coulter/Hannity/Savage party line, which states that anything that can be construed in any way as expressing a liberal stance is unquestionably due to an anti-Bush-and-therefore-anti-American conspiracy and must be taken personally. Meaning that anyone possibly associated with such must be mindlessly attacked. In other words, they're idiots.

2:13 AM  

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