Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Disgruntled Bookseller Is in Mourning

I changed the blog to black to reflect my mood today. Maybe I'll change it back in four years.


Blogger Elmira G. said...

Thank you. This disgruntled bookseller too is now a disgruntled American. When people choose to re-elect a president who has sent thousands off to die based on a lie, I wonder what sort of country I live in. I also wonder when I see people in 11 states use the power of their vote to deny rights to others. It is depressing and infuriating. I too am in mourning.

7:38 AM  
Blogger meateater said...

I can only say that it is not my fault. I am in the 18-30 age group and I vote. I can only say that perhaps the rest of America has been brain washed by the evangelical right (or WRONG as it were). In the words of the illustrious Mike, "What the crap."

12:53 AM  
Blogger Bookseller said...

I just want to say that i too an im morning, along with... lets say about 66 of our 69 fellow booksellers at our store... how can anyone in their right minds even vote for such a man??? if u can even call him that!
and those 11 states?!? what a load of horse crap! they want to take us back to the middle ages... no same sex marriage, no abortion... whats this world coming too??? in all honesty, if YOU dont beleive in same sex marriage, then dont marry the same sex! and if YOU dont beleive in abortion, great! dont have an abortion! why do these people feel they need to invade everyone elses choices and privacy? to hell with them all!!!

(upset? me? nooooooo.... )

12:23 PM  
Blogger SauciSquirrel said...

GOOD ARTICLE from an MSNBC (blog?):

"Let's face it. It's not Kerry's fault. It's not Nader's fault (this time). It's not the media's fault (though they do bear a heavy responsibility for much of what ails our political system). It's not "our" fault either. The problem is just this: Slightly more than half of the citizens of this country simply do not care about what those of us in the "reality-based community" say or believe about anything.

They don't care that Iraq is turning into murderous quicksand and a killing field for our children. They don't care that the Bush presidency has made us less safe by creating more terrorists, inspiring more anti-American hatred and refusing to engage in the hard work that would be necessary to make a meaningful dent in our myriad vulnerabilities at home. They don't care that he has mortgaged our children's future to give trillions to the wealthiest among us. They don't care that the economy continues to hemorrhage well-paying jobs and replace them with Wal-Mart; that the number without health insurance is over forty million and rising. They don't care that Medicare premiums are rising to fund the coffers of pharmaceutical companies. They don't care that the air they breathe and the water they drink is being slowly poisoned and though they call themselves conservatives, they even don't care that the size of the government and its share of our national income has increased by roughly a quarter in just four years. This is not a world of rational debate and issue preference.

It's one of "them" and "us." He's one of "them" and not one of "us" and that's all they care about. True it's an illusion. After all, Bush is a millionaire's son who went to Yale and Harvard and sat out Vietnam, not even bothering to show up for his cushy National Guard duty, and succeeded only in trading on his father's name and connections in adult life. But somehow, they feel he understands them. He speaks their language. Our guys don't. And unless they learn it, we will continue to condemn this country and those parts of the world it affects to a regime of malign neglect at best—malignant and malicious assault at worse.

Given the media's talent for pandering to their lowest common denominator, the things that have driven us crazy about their past pathetic performance are bound to get a lot worse. Most of us—readers and writers of this web log and people like us-- derive an awful lot of benefit from being Americans. We owe it to our better selves, and though it sounds horribly clichéd, to our children-- not to walk away from this battle. I will admit, however, it's pretty damn hard to see through this fog just where to turn before we march."

1:09 PM  
Blogger ereshkigal said...

Who wrote that, Tiffany Lynn? That's an excellent essay. Sad but true. They just don't care.

4:28 PM  
Blogger Elmira G. said...

I hate to say it because I am usually opposed tolarge organized groups of believers. Visions of the Nurenburg rallies tend to spring to mind. However, now is the time to get organized, now when we're all pissed enough to do something. So, if anyone has any ideas of where to start, I am up for suggestions. I certainly don't want to remain quiet and let the members of the great unthinking majority believe that we have united behind Bush. Never.
I spent last night drinking & kvetching last night with a group of like-minded folks. Now, these are not employees of big bookstore but they are all, like me, moving beyond depression and into anger. It seems like the perfect time to mobilize.

2:36 PM  
Blogger ereshkigal said...

Elmira, do you visit The issue of what to do next, how to organize, what to do between now and the midterms, and where to spend all our angry energy has been the number one topic there. Check it out.

2:46 PM  
Blogger SauciSquirrel said...

I'm not sure who wrote that, but I like it because it accurately reflects much of what I felt after learning of Kerry's concession. It was forwarded to me by a friend, who received it from someone else, who read it directly from a website. UNFORTUNATELY, all I know is that it comes from MSNBC (possibly a blog). I'll start searching for it and comment here when I find it.

4:52 PM  
Blogger SauciSquirrel said...

WOW... finding that was *much* easier than I had anticipated! It can be found here:

It is entitled: (Still) A Land of Hopes and Dreams


4:57 PM  

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