Friday, February 11, 2005

Craig's Freaks

I've collected some of the better Craigslist posts involving Big Bookstore and Rival Bookstore for your reading pleasure, with commentary in red as appropriate. I'll post a few each day this weekend.
The [Big Bookstore] on Rockville Pike Scene - 22

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Date: 2005-01-17, 1:54AM EST

So whats up?

Whats goin' on with the scene at the [Big Bookstore cafe] on rockville pike? You know what I am talking about.

Its like an international and oriental gathering with ocassional hipsters and it seems like there are regulars too. I fit in with the white\hipster stereotype, haha. I just show up alone and people watch and peruse the magazines with either a mocha frap or hot choc.

It is always crowded and I like how its a place to go when its kinda late at night.

What chu' think?

I think you are a pathetic hipster wannabe, haha™. Don't chu™ think?

Lets Meetup at [Big Bookstore] or [Rival Bookstore] for some FUN - m4w

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Date: 2005-01-26, 11:23AM EST

31 SWM looking to hook up with a 18+ female for some quick fun in bathroom or somewhere else we can enjoy ourselves. Let me know if interested we can just make it a NSA morning or afternoon

Pics trade when contacted

lets give it a try , discreet NSA

I don't believe for one minute that you are 31 or single or capable of providing "fun" in a bookstore bathroom. Also, sex in a public bathroom? Not discreet.


curious guy looking at [Rival Bookstore] for j/o and maybe bj play - 37

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Date: 2005-01-17, 1:05PM EST

i am going to [Rival Bookstore] (home depo parking lot)around 2.00 to 2.30 do any guys looking to explore hang there.Every time i go there are just to many guys in there something most be going on.I would like to play with a cock other then my own,if turned on enough possible bj.I am also interesting in receiving hj and bj.i am engaged and would like to fulfill a fantasy before i get married.would like to meet a Gl guy str8 acting and looking thgat is new to this also.i will not be into rimming givivg or receiving or fucking .I just want to experiment and see if i enjoy this.

Whenever there are a lot of guys hanging around someplace I, too, assume that there "must be something going on." That's why I think NASCAR events must be sseething volcanoes of hot homo sex. I totally understand and respect that you draw the line at rimming and fucking other guys. Everyone knows that if you only blow each other, it's not really gay. I'm sure your fiancee sees it your way too.


Blogger Gerbera Daisy said...

EEEEEEEWWWWWW Gross!! Sex in a public bathroom? Not only is it not discreet, it is disgusting!! And I am still trying to figure out how having sex in a public bathroom could possibly be "fun".

9:45 AM  
Blogger Bookseller said...

OK, in all honesty, a couple years BEFORE i got the job at Bookstore, i was a customer, just browsing some books with my best friend, and i had to use the bathroom REALLY bad, so i did. as im sitting there taking care of binniss, and i hear the NASTY sounds of SEX going on in the handicap stall a couple doors down... talk about gross! Not only was there faint grunting.. but apparently the 'girl' or possible 'one of the girls' was enjoying it way to much because you could even hear the squishing noises! UGH!

1:26 PM  
Blogger MarkFarley said...

There's nothing quite like a bathroom stall nosh....

this is why we don't have toilets and I'm glad

2:00 PM  

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