Thursday, June 16, 2005

How People Find My Blog

I've kept track, over the last few weeks, of the searches that have led people to my blog. Mostly the search terms consist of some combination of "disgruntled," "bookseller," "bookstore," "[Big Bookstore]," and "[Rival Bookstore]." But here's a selection of the less obvious ones:

dictionaries teacher discount
work appropriate attire
nsa stands for craigslist
i hate the strand
babysitters fuck kids
skirt with no panties
hate [Big Bookstore]
cd long erotic weekend -amazon
facefull back issues to purchase
no panties&blog
bother bookstore
i hate being a lawyer
cow fucking lessons
anal school lessons
van kittens nine year old pussy cunt ass

"van kittens nine year old pussy cunt ass"??? What. The. Fuck. That is one incredibly specific fetish there, Dude. Seriously. Form the mental image. Where the hell do the kittens fit in?

"cow fucking lessons" Nowhere in this blog are cow fucking lessons offered, discussed or even mentioned. I imagine, though, that there are very few sites offering cow fucking lessons, so perhaps it's a niche I could fill.

"skirt with no panties" This one doesn't even make sense to me. Obviously the guy was looking for a girl in a skirt with no panties, rather than just, ya know, a skirt with no panties. 'Cause a skirt with no panties is just boring. I got dozens of those in my closet. Not hot.

"anal school lessons" Again, not offered on this blog. However, I can give a pointer to this fine book, which is available, of course, at a Big Bookstore near you.


Blogger WTF? said...

Now i wonder if the kittens were inside of van or if they were wearing vans sneakers? Great blog.

6:16 PM  

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